American Life in Canada

You may be wondering why American Life in Canada is appearing on a personal finance blog. Well, that’s because we are American citizens living in Canada. No, we didn’t move to Canada to escape crazy US politics. In fact, long before the latest presidential election, our family moved to Canada for a great job opportunity for my husband. It’s been a cool adjustment (no pun intended), to say the least.

But no matter where you live, if you are interested in gaining financial independence and retiring early, the formula is the same: live below your means, save and invest. No matter your income, your education or your environment, financial independence is achievable.

Since most of our retirement savings are in the US, we’ve got investments on both sides of the border. Plus, we have the joy of filing income taxes in BOTH countries. We’ve adjusted to VERY high-income taxes (at least by US standards). We’re still adapting to socialized medicine (BTW, no one in Canada really likes it if you call it that). Americans sometimes call it single-payer healthcare (BTW, no one in Canada even knows what that term means). For a firsthand comparison of the healthcare systems of the US and Canada, check out this post, Single-Payer Healthcare – Painful or Painless?

Our goal is to be completely financially independent by the year 2020. The purpose of this site is to chronicle our race to FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and share our story as we make our way toward the finish line.