The Debate on Early Retirement

The Debate on Early Retirement

This week’s post is a little different from my typical writing. It focuses on an interesting debate: should you retire early or not?

I call it a debate because I had the chance to participate in a money match-up (a debate of sorts), sponsored by Rockstar Finance. If you’re not familiar with Rockstar Finance, it is the big daddy of all personal finance websites. Each week, Rockstar selects the week’s best personal finance blog posts and features them on the site.

For the debate, I was matched up with another personal finance blogger who took the opposing side. Of course, I wrote about the case FOR early retirement. I couldn’t believe that someone could come up with an argument AGAINST early retirement, but my opponent came up with a compelling case.

I hope you’ll enjoy the match-up which can be found here. I believe that financial independence gives you OPTIONS. The options that allow you to decide where you work, when you work or IF you want to work at all.

The post also features quotes from some very wise individuals: Paul Merriman (money guru), Barbara Bush and Loverboy. Yep, I managed to drop in a quote from an 80s boy band into a personal finance article.

As I state in my side of the argument: retirement is not the end. Retirement is the beginning of the life you’ve always dreamed of. Where YOU decide how to spend your time, your money and your talents.

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