Gifts for the Person who has Everything

Gifts for the Person who has Everything

There’s always someone on the gift list who is especially hard to buy for. It seems they already have everything. Every new contraption, thingamabob, and doohickey imaginable.

Just when you think you’ve found the perfect gift, it turns out they already have 3 of them.

What’s a savvy shopper and sensible spender to do? This year, think outside the box. I mean outside the gift box.

Best of all, these thoughtful, unique gifts won’t break the bank. All of the gifts range from FREE to just over $100.

Gifts for the Grandparents, Great Grandparents or other Grands

Ancestry DNA test kit – $79 and up

These easy-to-use, at-home kits examine your unique genetic code and provide information about your heritage. With a simple swab of your cheeks or spit in a cup (which you send to the company for testing,) you can trace your ancestral roots and unlock your family history. Kits are available through a number of companies, including AncestryDNA and 23andMe.

Hobby Class – $20 and up

Old dogs can learn new tricks. Whether it’s cooking, dancing, floral arranging, jewelry making, ax throwing or painting like Bob Ross. And don’t just get a ticket for the recipient, join them in the class to make special memories together.

MasterClass – $120

Learn to play chess from Garry Kasparov. Or how to score film from Hans Zimmer. Or how to write for television from Shonda Rhimes. Get online classes taught by true masters in a wide range of skills. Visit to see complete offerings.

Multiple, small gifts that the recipient can give to friends or staff – $30 and up

My mom loves to visit us in Canada and always takes home small souvenirs for her friends. This year, I asked her favorite shop to individually wrap 20 sets of homemade maple syrup candies (in the shape of maple leaves, of course) which she can hand out to friends and staff at her retirement village.

Gifts for Busy Parents

Babysitting the Kids – Free

Do you know an overworked, overstressed mom or dad? Offer to watch the kids for a couple of hours to give a busy mom or dad time to go on a date, grocery shop or just take a nap without interruption. Bonus – you’ll be so worn out that you’ll sleep better that night.

Home cleaning service, lawn service or snow-blowing service – $25 and up

Check your local area for first-time discounts.

Make-at-home meal kit – $10 and up per meal

The kits are pre-packed with detailed instructions and all of the ingredients you need to whip up a tasty meal in no time. No muss, no fuss. These kits can even make novice chefs look like culinary masters. Check out or

Car Detail Service – $50 and up

Know someone with a nasty car? Cheerios wedged in the seats, french fries on the floor, sticky substances in the drink trays, the lingering smell of soccer gear? You’ve got a great candidate for a car detail service!

Gifts for the Kids

Anything that doesn’t need charging or run on batteries – $1 and up

The parents will thank you.

Personalized Book – $35 offers a range of books which can be personalized. I especially like Goodnight Little Me. These books will be treasured for years to come. As one clever reviewer summed it up:

When my wife finishes showing off the perfect book, we will present the perfect gift.

Memory Book filled with the Year’s Adventures – $25 and up

Each year, I give my family a hardcover book made from my favorite photos of the year. As I’m creating the books online, I enjoy reviewing the photos and reminiscing about the year. And when I catch my kids looking at books from previous years it brings a tear to my eye.

For over 12 years, I used to create the books. Earlier this year, mypublisher merged with Although I haven’t used Shutterfly, I’m sure the finished product will match the quality of previous years.

2 thoughts on “Gifts for the Person who has Everything”

  • The DNA test kit is a great gift. We got one and the results were a total shock! Nothing showed up for the countries we were expecting. The company also suggests that you test the older generations in the family and compare with younger family members. It’s fascinating!

    • Hi Meg,

      Great idea to test multiple generations in one family and compare the results. Sure would lead to some great dinner table conversations!

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